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How to make a personal business to increase income using online technologies

 How to make a personal business to increase income using online technologies

A week ago on Wednesday (19, 2, 2022), the Myanmar Travel & Trade Show 2020 was held at the Merchants Hotel, hosted by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. The event is managed by Singapore-based Sphere Conference. Attending this event were the owners of Travels & Tours Company from Myanmar.

I spoke on the topic Boost your business with online technologies. In the lecture, he thoroughly explained the importance of good web design and SEO in order to be found on Google. If you are interested in doing SEO, you can contact Myanmar Web Designer by reading the details about SEO Service.

By looking at this presentation

1. When you are self-employed, what IT technologies can help your business and increase your income?

2. What to avoid when starting your own business?

3. What qualities should a good website have?

4. What is SEO, an online marketing technique? What is involved?

etc. and have knowledge about them.

Those who want to save it in their own device and those who want to send it to other acquaintances

For Powerpoint 2007, you can download it at (

Powerpoint 97 to 2003 can be downloaded at (

Below is the presentation file that can be viewed directly on this website. For those who will watch directly, some fonts have been changed from slideshare, so please forgive me if it is difficult to read.

How much does SEO cost?

It’s better to ask “how much you would like to spend?”


The higher your target is the more y...

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